• Male fertilityis in HARD DROP


    Male fertility
    is in
    ONLY 30% of European males
    have optimal sperm quality.
    Eshre: European Society of Human
    Reproduction and Embryology
  • PollutionALTERATION the DNA


    Smog affects some genes, so it matters more where you live and what you breathe, rather than the story of your grandparents and great-grandparents
    from a Canadian study
  • FOOD increasingly CONTAMINATED


    FOOD increasingly CONTAMINATED
    contribute to continuous lowering
    of immune defenses and
    increase of intolerances and allergies
  • EcoFoodFertilityTHE NEW MODELof evaluation

    medical research

    of evaluation
    environmental impact on human health for theprevention in risk areas

All entities involved in recruiting subjects and collecting samples in Italy ( Campania Region )

  • " Land of Fires " ( Acerra - Giugliano - Nola) ( high impact )
  • High and Medium Sele - Cilento - Vallo di Diano (Sa) ( low impact)
  • Low Benevento (medium impact )

Areas of recruiting subjects and collecting samples in Spain (Catalonia Region ):

  • urban-industrial area of Terrassa - Barcelona ( high impact )
  • Rural Area Control High Catalonia ( low impact)

Areas of subject recruitment and sample collection in the Czech Republic:

  • Industrial Area Moravia and Silesia ( high impact )
  • Rural area of control ( low impact)

Areas of recruiting subjects and collecting samples in Greece:

  • Urban area of Athens ( high impact )
  • Rural area of control ( low impact)

Data processing and analysis for Italy , Spain, Czech Republic , Greece:

  • Institute of Food Science , ISA, CNR AV
  • Dip Sciences Bio Agro Food , DISBA , CNR Rome
  • Outpatient public Andrology ASL Sa c / o Hospital of Oliveto Citra
  • Research Center Gentile Gragnano , Laboratory of seminology NA
  • Center of PMA Hospital ' St Luke ' Vallo della Lucania SA
  • Institute for Animal Production System in Mediterranean Environment ISPAAM -CNR –Naples. 
  • Institute of Science and Technology of Materials ISTEC - CNR Faenza , Nanodiagnostics
  • University of Turin - City Hospital Health and Science of Turin
  • SENB ( European School of Nutrition Organic )
  • Rödl & Partner R & P
  • University of Athens - Medical School UOA Greece 
  • Health Consorci de Terrassa Spain CST
  • Catlab CATLAB Spain
  • Alteraid S.L. ALTER Spain
  • Veterinary Research Institute – Genetics and reproduction VRI Czech
  • Institute of Experimental Medicine - Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic


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